Virus N (Complete) – Infect and Kill as Many Innocent Citizens as Possible in This Virus Simulator

Virus N (Complete) – Infect and Kill as Many Innocent Citizens as Possible in This Virus Simulator

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Virus N is a nasty little virus simulator game where your goal is to kill as many people as possible.

You play as an extremely contagious virus and you need to pass yourself around to as many victims as possible. Virus N has many symptoms like vomiting, outward boils, and even spontaneous combustion of the head instantly. There’s also a silly little effect like walking oppositely (by making your controls reversed).

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Each citizen in this bustling city that gets infected with the virus only has a few seconds before one of the horrible conditions takes over the host body. You need to infect another victim before you end up killing the host. you can do this simply by touching another citizen or throwing up on them. Chain victims together to infect as many hosts as you can possibly kill!

The city is busy with bystanders, drivers, and shoppers. You’ll jump from host to host in this colorful little 3D arena as you try to spread the virus around and survive by killing them. The virus even evolves as time goes on!

It’s similar to Contagion and other games where you want to end civilization itself. It’s a funny little virus simulator that’s perfect for some cheap thrills. It’s simple. It’s addicting. And most importantly, it’s fun and entertaining. The gore scenes keep the game interesting as heck!

Be the best virus there ever was.

  • Be the virus and kill as many people as possible
  • Hilarious side effects
  • Evolving virus symptoms
  • Colorful city
  • Nice fitting soundtrack that matches the game
  • Sometimes the people are too spread out which makes it difficult to infect others
  • Needs a leaderboard system (that’d be awesome)
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