Project Abel (Early Access) – An Atmospheric Indie Horror Game Based on Old-School Resident Evil and Silent Hill Games

Project Abel (Early Access) – An Atmospheric Indie Horror Game Based on Old-School Resident Evil and Silent Hill Games

Game Review


Project Abel is an immersive horror game that’ll have you nostalgic for old-school terror.

It’s a survival horror game that’s based on pixel art with retro graphics rendered in 16-bit. The game plays with a sidescrolling perspective on a 2.5D plane. It’s like those old-school point-and-click games except with better controls.

The game has you playing the role of a random dude who gets trapped in an empty college, or university since it’s huge. The place is abandoned and you can tell from the fixtures that are no longer used. The place is creepily eerie and all you want to do is escape. But as with all horror games, it’s not that easy!

The game feels very similar to Resident Evil in terms of the gameplay and puzzles.

Yes, you solve puzzles throughout the game. They’re not too difficult, but you won’t be able to breeze through them without some thought and process. They’re mainly item hunts and item placement puzzles, but you’ll be forced to go into that classroom you really don’t want to.

Aft4er all, escaping this university is a lot more difficult when you have some pretty creepy things around you that lurk the halls.

Without spoiling the game, let’s just say you’ll be on-edge like the whole time. Even though the game is created from pixel art, it’s still very atmospheric and will immerse you into its gloomy world. You can’t see the farther edge of the screen and you can only guess what’s an inch to the left or right- especially when it’s a new area.

The atmosphere is dark. The sounds are creepy. The artwork uses a nice combination of dark colors with limited contrast. There’s also the factor that you have to utilize your resources correctly (resource management). The game has a few save points and saving costs you items (much like Resident Evil’s typewriter rolls).

You’re armed with just a basic weapon and it costs you ammo which you’ll have to use carefully. You don’t want to run and gun, but rather aim carefully at the monsters. Each monster takes quite a few hits to take down and reload times are something you’ll have to watch out for. And the pistol is pretty inaccurate.

The controls are also pretty blocky, but they’re probably made that way to simulate the controls of older gen horror games. Some of the key mappings are pretty difficult to use and will need to be worked on, but there is a control pad compatible option for those who prefer using one. The keyboard/mouse controls aren’t the best- they’re not the most intuitive. But again, this is just a demo and it’ll be improved with time.

Project Abel is a very immersive old-school horror game that we need to see more of these days. You can play the demo using the link below. it’s worth a playthrough if you’re into Resident Evil or Silent Hill-type survival horror.

  • Resident Evil and Silent Hill-inspired gameplay
  • Solve puzzles and gather clues
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Nice pixel art
  • Old-school horror
  • Controls can be improved
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 3/2/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Horror

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad

Developer Information

Developer: abeldev

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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