We Love You, Robo-Dad! is a Robotic Arm Dad Simulator with QWOP Controls and Couch Co-Op

We Love You, Robo-Dad! is a Robotic Arm Dad Simulator with QWOP Controls and Couch Co-Op

Game Review

We love you, Robo-dad!, is a funny and cute little dad simulator.

You play as a robotic dad in a QWOP-style format. You’re nothing but a robotic arm and your only goal is to be the best robotic arm dad possible!

Since the game plays with QWOP controls, it’s not going to be easy (let alone you’re just an arm). You’ll clumsily attempt to do dad-like things as a single dad arm. As an arm, you have the ability to pick things up and grab things (you have a fork attached to your arm using a thread of wires).

The game is a short little story with each section of the game showing off a different dad activity you want do, such as going into your new house, feeding your kid, and even signing the adoption certificate to adopt said kid! It’s like going through the different phases of being a dad as just a robotic arm.

The best part about it is that it’s playable with a friend in multiplayer co-op. It’s like two-player QWOP. You’d think adding a second player would make it more difficult, but it’s actually a lot easier. One player controls the arm, and the other controls the claw and the extension of the arm. That’s difficult for one person. It’s a lot more fun and easier with two players, so bring a friend into dadhood with you!

We love you, Robo-dad! is a short and sweet story that’s sure to please even if you’re super frustrated and pissed off with the QWOP controls. You’ll laugh. You’ll rage. You’ll do both simultaneously. Just because of the fact that you’re an arm trying to be a dad is enough to keep you attempting to push through the challenges of controlling it. You’ll likely get upset and frustrated at the controls, but at the same time, you’ll like the fact that you’re trying to raise a child- I mean, it’s gotta be easier than being a real dad, right?

Try out We love you, Robo-dad!. It was a game built for the Global Game Jam 2018 and it’s worth cehcking out just because of its charm!

  • Never seen this concept before (it’s werid and fresh)
  • Adorable story to tell
  • QWOP controls (guaranteed laughs and guaranteed rage)
  • Cute artwork
  • Local multiplayer co-op (two-player QWOP!)
  • It’s QWOP
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: –

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Engine: Unity

Genre: Simulator

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Zeno Menestrina, Samuele Prosser, Stefano Schmidt, Adriano Siesser

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

Download and Play We love you, Robo-dad (Complete)


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