VolleyShot (Early Access) – A Volleyball Game with Guns. And Wall Bouncing. And Multiplayer. And Laughs.

VolleyShot (Early Access) – A Volleyball Game with Guns. And Wall Bouncing. And Multiplayer. And Laughs.

Game Review

VolleyShot is a super fast-paced game that combines both FPS and volleyball into one weird mashup.

You start out in volleyball-style rounds using two weapons- a primary and secondary weapon. Your primary weapon is a long shot (what you’ll be using most of the time) and your secondary gun is your “set” maneuver like in real volleyball. You’ll have to use both in order to beat your opponent. The secondary “set” is much more useful for feigning or using strategy to outplay your opponent!

A team can earn points by either having the ball touch the surface on the opposite team or when the timer runs out. There’s a “return timer” that keeps track of how long the enemy has the ball. If they keep it for too long, they forfeit it and your team earns a point. They have 15 seconds to make up their mind and gun the ball back over the net.

The game feels like a weird mod of an FPS game that seems familiar, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. The graphics and artwork are realistic and feature giant worlds where you’re just a small figurine playing volleyball in a house and such. But that’s just one court. There’s also a school gym and some spaceship. It’s a pretty eerie feeling but at the same time, it’s freakin’ volleyball with guns. What do you expect?

It plays like a typical volleyball game. You have teammates and you’re against a bunch of other players. You use your guns to shoot the ball in order to get it moving. It’s volleyball. It’s FPS. It’s VolleyShot.

The mechanics are just like any FPS game out there. You shoot using the long or set shot in order to score points. The long shot is useful because you can make it bounce off walls until the bullet hits the ball. But you can’t time it to go too far because it disappears after a few seconds. You have to be able to predict the path of the ball in order to master this shot. It gives the ball energy.

The set shot is used for quick shots to outplay the enemy. You can use it raise the ball and also stop fast-moving balls as well. It can also be used to save the ball from hitting the floor or even shooting it into the air to set up a spike! It takes away energy from the ball so you have to use it at the right time.

You’ll have to combine both to master the game.

To add another dimension, you can also jump as well. If you’re in low gravity, you can jump off the ceiling. If you’re in normal gravity, you can jump off walls. Imagine saving a shot just by bouncing off the walls. Or jumping on the wall to spike the ball. That’s pretty cool, right?

The game features different modes, however, the main mode is simply volleyball.  The game is currently offered in a demo and you can play 3 modes: Score, Time, and Practice Mode. Score is the standard game. Time runs on a timer. And practice is practice. Score Mode will be the main game for all intents and purposes so far. But later on, there are plans for a ladder, ranked games, couch multiplayer, online games, and multiple courts. You’ll also be able to change gravity settings, ball types, and even ball speed which makes a huge impact on the pace of the game.

You can also choose from three different ball sizes as well, but I didn’t notice a major difference. Gravity has five different settings and completely changes the gameplay style. You can choose fine-tuned gravity settings based on five entities in the Milky Way.

Overall, VolleyShot is a crazy new concept and looks like it has a ton of potential to be a hit game. It’s right up there in weirdness with Rocket League. These games can quickly snowball if word spreads. And that’s what we’re doing here. VolleyShot is a game worth checking out. It’ll eventually have local split-screen multiplayer and online play as well.

Update: The demo version does have multiplayer. I don’t know how I missed that.

If you like the, you can back it on Kickstarter.

The demo is available using the following links below. It’s a difficult game, so brace yourself and get on the court!

Last updated:

3/7/18. Corrected some stuff.

  • Unique concept
  • Combine FPS and volleyball
  • Lots of modifiers- graavity, ball speed, ball size
  • Online play planned with local multiplayer
  • Ladder mode for competitive play
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Use multiple shots, jump off walls, and work with your team to beat the enemy
  • Needs a lot of promotion to get out there
  • Will it have skill ranking for ladder games? MMR?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 2/27/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Sports

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360 Controller

Developer Information

Developer: VolleyShot

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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