Jelly Mario (Early Access) – A Hilarious New Take on the Classic Platformer with Physics-Based Gameplay

Jelly Mario (Early Access) – A Hilarious New Take on the Classic Platformer with Physics-Based Gameplay

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Jelly Mario is a hilarious physics-based Mario game that takes a whole unique twist on the classic, legendary games from the NES era.

As soon as you launch the game, you’ll see the familiar Super Mario Bros title screen. Ah, that gold and bronze plaque- so many memories.

But those memories will quickly get distorted when you notice that Mario and the entire world is made of this hazy, jelly-like gas substance.

That’s the twist.

The whole game world is made of this deformable jelly and Mario himself floats around in it like a jellyfish. He can “push” other objects out of the way like pipes, coin blocks, and even characters at the title screen.

Mario can float around the level and spin in a 2D plane as you ram into familiar objects. When he touches them, they bend and twist like jelly. Everything is jelly. It’s like if you’re playing an underwater world and you’re swimming in jelly in a jelly world.

But that’s not to say about the enemies. You’ll encounter familiar foes like Koopas and such. If you hit one, you’ll shatter into dozens of pieces of what was once the plumber hero (and so will the enemy). You can only control yourself by jumping and moving in one direction. The items and coins aren’t collectible, but you can still bump into them and watch them bend into jelly. There is a small physics engine at play.

The game is certainly one of the weirdest spins on the Mario series I’ve come across. Sure, there was Cat Mario and the slew of clones, but those were all just trolly and difficult renditions of the game. Everything else from Rambo Mario to Sonic Mario to all the characters that replace Mario in this legendary classic don’t come close to Jelly Mario in terms of weird Mario games.

this game lets you play through the infamous World 1-1 in the original Super Mario Bros on the NES back in 1985- which is regarded to be the best Mario games of all time by old-school gamers.

If you’re craving for a new and weird twist on an indie fan-made Mario game, try out Jelly Mario. It’s just for the lulz. It plays right in the browser so no downloaded is needed. Try it out using the following links and get your old-school Mario with a fabulous twist. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh and frustrated at the same time (frustrated only if you’re bad at Mario games).

  • A unique take on the Mario fan-made games
  • Everything is jelly
  • Bump into familiar objects and watch them deform and distort
  • Mario like you’ve never seen
  • Float around like a jellyfish
  • Interactive title screen
  • Dodge enemies or else get shattered into Mario pixels
  • Not much substance to it other than just for screwing around
  • Needs collectables and more levels
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: –

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux

Engine: –

Genre: Platformer

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: schteppe

Developer page: Go


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