Fairly Nude (Early Access) – A Platformer Game That Trolls You, Insults You, and Makes You Rage

Fairly Nude (Early Access) – A Platformer Game That Trolls You, Insults You, and Makes You Rage

Game Review

Fairy Nude is an awesome little action platformer that’s guaranteed to make you rage with its nonstop trolling!

If you’re easily angered, you should NOT play this game. You may end up breaking your computer/mouse/keyboard.

It’s a pixelated retro-style action platformer that plays very similar to Super Meat Boy and The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Cat Mario. It’s basically just a sidescrolling platformer that’s very, very difficult because it trolls you for days. That’s the point of the game.

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You can’t beat it in one go. It’s all about trial and error. And making some near-impossible jumps as well. Dodge spikes and obstacles while raging like crazy. It focuses on timing and reaction speed, so think fast!

It ain’t easy. It’s one of the most difficult indie platformers out there.

You play as a nude guy that’s running through a bunch of extremely difficult levels. Each level is pretty short, but it’ll take you a while to actually beat them (if you’re bad at platformers). You need to collect a trophy at the end of the level AND make it to the exit, so it’s not just run to the right and win. You also get a score ranking system that judges your performance to an extent.

There are also bonus coins you can collect on each level if you want a better score.

There are also checkpoints, but if you don’t reach one in time, you lose the trophy and you’ll have to backtrack for it every time.

The game will test your willpower and patience. Right from the beginning, you’ll start raging already. Instead of gradually increasing the difficulty, Fairly Nude will just shove it in your face. No joke. Seriously.

And every time you get killed, you’ll be slammed with a big, vulgar expression directed straight at YOU.

If this game doesn’t make you rage, you must have a ton of patience.

Regardless, Fairly Nude is a game that doesn’t care about the player and just wants to get them angry. If you like action platformers, give this game a try. It’s currently in early access with just 3 levels, but you’ll be upset playing through them. The colors and pixel art are awesome and so is the 8-bit sound effects. It supports controllers, and you’ll need them if you want to actually make any progress in this platformer game.

  • Extremely difficult platformer with lots of humor
  • Guaranteed rage
  • Nice pixel art
  • Nice sound effects
  • Controller support
  • You’ll rage
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