Darwin Project (Early Access) – A 10 Player Battle-Royale Survival Game in Frozen Canada with a “Show Director”

Darwin Project (Early Access) – A 10 Player Battle-Royale Survival Game in Frozen Canada with a “Show Director”

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The Darwin Project is a third-person survival game that focuses on the last man standing style of gameplay.

Sure, there are a ton of new survival games rolling out. A lot of them are just Battlegrounds clones, but The Darwin Project ain’t one of them. Not even a bit.

Here’s why.

The Darwin Project takes place in dangerous snowy areas located in Canada. With the snow comes a huge twist to the gameplay style. For one, you’ll leave footsteps as you walk. Just this realism factor adds a whole new dimension and twist to the survival genre. The game also allows players to set player-activated traps and hunt each other down to be the last person alive in Battle Royale-style game.

The game has a “director” which is controlled by a player. This person can control certain events that happen in the game world and control the outcome of it as well. If the players in the battle map don’t adapt to the changing scenario, they’ll likely be killed off. The show director can do things like drop nukes, zone areas, and even use gravity to affect the gameplay.

It’s sort of like an awesome, yet sick, twisted reality TV show.

It’s advertised as a half science experiment and half live entertainment show. You can track enemy positions by the clues they leave behind in the environment as well as use traps and such to catch them. The environment is also freezing cold so you need to play carefully.

There’s also only a limit of 10 players per round on decently-sized maps. Each character has special perks, skills, and attributes that can affect the outcome of the game. The director can change the game arena in multiple ways that may make each of these perks better or worse.

The Darwin Project is also compatible with Mixer. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s another streaming service like Twitch. Viewers can also affect the game’s outcome as well, but it’s not certain how. Perhaps in the future, the game will be compatible with Twitch as well which may propel it to new heights due to the large viewerbase that Twitch has. It’s supposedly on the way. Regardless, this is something that makes this survival game stand out from the clones.

The dev team behind this game have also worked on games like CS:GO and Assassin’s Creed, so they have some experience. The Darwin Project is currently available for beta testing on Steam.

  • A new fresh take on the survival genre
  • Show director can influence the outcome of the game
  • It’s like a reality TV show
  • Use traps and clues to hunt down others
  • 10-player battles in treacherous conditions
  • Live spectator interaction
  • Will the maps and game mechanics easily be abused?
  • Show director could easily be working for a specific player
  • Game doesn’t have much competitive potential as an esport
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 1/17/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Survival

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Scavengers Studio

Developer page: Go


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Gameplay Video

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