Legion: The Eternal War (Beta) – An Immersive MMORPG in a Fantasy World

Legion: The Eternal War (Beta) – An Immersive MMORPG in a Fantasy World

Game Review

Legion: The Eternal War is an awesome new MMORPG that takes place in (another) Lord of the Rings-type world.

It’s pretty much another game that wages the war between Elves and Humans.

However, this time around, there’s another force that has risen because of the torn planet due to the war. The two races have been so focused on each other that they totally let a newer, more powerful force arise that’s destructive to both of them.

This fifty-year war allowed their leaders to be killed by this unknown faction. The game has you playing in a world that’s been torn apart between three factions in a chaotic environment.

Storyline aside, it’s pretty much another MMORPG. There are hundreds of these types of clones out there, but only a few are actually quality games and offer something new to the table (that works). Legion: The Eternal War has you playing as a wandering traveler who can choose between the two factions to form allies with.

The game is heavily combat-based with melee, ranged, and mana magic-based fights against other players, mobs, and NPCs (from what’s expected). It has a pretty sophisticated weapon, shields, and armor system as well. Your equips can lose durability at a specific part rather than the entire piece from what it looks like.

The game also doesn’t just throw out experience points for killing an enemy. You’ll have to use skills and get rewarded based on your combat performance. For example, if you use a sword to kill an enemy, you’ll be rewarded skill points for your sword. It’s kinda like Morrowind.

As of now, Legion: The Eternal War is nothing but an alpha game that’s coming out for beta soon. You can sign up early to grab a key.

This game does have some nice things going for it- detailed environments, a sophitcated equip system, and an awesome skill and level system as well. And it’s got some storyline behind it as well. Sign up for a key if RPGs are your thing. You’ll probably wnat to try this one out.

  • Sophisticated skill system
  • Equipment durability system
  • Nice skill progression
  • Storyline-based
  • Impressive visuals
  • Will it be enough to stand out from all the clones?
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Game Information

Status: Beta

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: RPG

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Nexus Division

Developer page: Go


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