Capsular (Beta) – A Reflex FPS that use a “One Shot, One Kill” Combat System

Capsular (Beta) – A Reflex FPS that use a “One Shot, One Kill” Combat System

Game Review

Capsular is a hectic multiplayer first-person shooter that focuses on arcade-style gun combat!

It’s a very fast-paced and twitch reflex FPS game where you need to aim, react, and shoot before the other player gibs you instead! It’s a very easy-to-learn but difficult to master style of gameplay- sort of like Counter Strike and CS:GO.

The game starts out each match with everyone only having a basic pistol. No classes. No perks. No upgrades. Just a basic and level playing field. Then the real chaos begins as soon as the game starts. Everyone needs to scramble to find advantageous positions to camp, snipe, and dodge other players’ bullets or waiting for a loot crate to drop. It’s nothing unique, but Capsular instagib style combat makes it tenfold more interesting.

Capsular weapons range from basic guns to some pretty devastating weapons of destruction. The catch is that the bullets (projectiles) move pretty slow and allow you and other players to dodge and evade them. Remember, a single hit means you’re out.

It’s instagib. You need to dodge and avoid the projectiles from multiple enemy players as well as be able to lead your shots and time your bullets to hit enemy targets.

The gameplay style combines both aiming and dodging as they’re both necessary skills and you can’t beat the other players without mastering both assets. You’ll have to lead shots, predict enemy movement, and aim perfectly in order to get that instakill.

You’ll also have to dodge enemy fire from multiple directions and take cover behind obstacles in order to survive the other players.

Whenever you kill someone or get killed yourself, you’ll respawn nearly instantaneously and you’ll be right back into the action. The game is all about constant nonstop action that combines skill and reflexes into one game.

Without the need for lives, respawn timers or much strategy, you get a very fast-paced action shooter that plays like an arcade game. But with the instakill hitboxes, it makes for some forced skill in order to play it right. It’s a pretty awesome concept when you put it all together.

Something else that’s pretty cool is that you can customize your kill screen postcard and even choose a sentence or phrase to display whenever you kill someone.

A single hit is a single kill. The game is adrenaline-fueled and perfect for twitch gamers who like these type of FPS. Sign up for the beta and get your key. Capsular may be the next CS:GO alternative. Try it out if you’re ready for some fast-paced FPS action!

  • Fast-paced nonstop action
  • Twitch FPS combat
  • Instagib style combines both arcade shooter with skill
  • Advantageous starting positions could very well ruin the game
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Game Information

Status: Beta

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Shooter

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Gunschlinger

Developer page: Go


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Really loving the game. Could be because i made the game. Feel free to contact me personally if you need another key.


Heh, thanks for the heads-up =]. Let us know if you release an update. I’d love to play it again and update the review!