Good Company (Early Access) – A Robotics Business Management Sim with Multiplayer Co-Op

Game Review

Good Company is a next-level management sim that’s all about creating, building, expanding, and optimizing a world of robot automation manufacturing.

The game has the standard top-down isometric perspective with complete 3D graphics that are colorful and appealing. Just look at the screenshots.

As you know, computer automation is a pretty big thing right now. It’s only appropriate that a team of devs go about and make a game about it!

Good Company starts you off in an 80’s-style world where you only have a modest office space. From there, you build, invest in new technology, hire staff, and start to produce machinery. Over time, you’ll hire more employees and optimize your processes and build innovative new robots to tempt the crowds. That’s the main focus of the game- you’re a machinery tycoon and this is a corporate machinery simulator!

You build robots with AI that are advanced that eventually, you’ll have to replace your own workers (is this a foresight of the future?). You can choose to replace all of them for better efficiency and lower cost of operations, or you can be sympathetic and only replace a few. The choice is yours. In fact, all the choice s you make in this game affect the outcome of your business.

You’re the CEO and you’re in the middle of the action. Your choices affect the outcomes of everything your business and employees. You can have each employee learn tasks or you can design robots to do those tasks. You can build robots to help global needs and demands and have your profits soar. You can optimize processes that are inefficient to increase productivity (perfect for technical players).

The game takes it even further and has you trading stocks and practicing marketing as well and compete against rival corporations- they may even try to steal your IP.

Do you want to be a greedy robotic tycoon and rake in the cash? Go for it. Or how about being the compassionate and kind CEO that does it for the people? You can do that too. In fact, the game has an emphasis on the balance between the whole robotic workers vs. human workers argument and you’ll have to decide which path you want to go. You have a reputation to cater to as well as the role of being a boss- and a corporation as well.

The best part about Good Company is that it allows for both single and multiplayer co-op as well. I’m not sure how exactly the multiplayer would work since there can only be a single CEO, but it’ll be interesting to find out. This is the kind of business management game I’d play. The artwork looks adorable and appealing. The game is colorful with a touch of casual play but has a very deep technical side to it as well. It looks like it’s easy to get into yet difficult to master.

Good Company is a corporate sim that I’ll be watching. It’s available for early access signup if you submit your email to be informed. Be one of the first to play this next-level business management sim!

  • Control every aspect of your machiner corporation
  • Build, expand, and optimize processes
  • Hire employees or automate them
  • Your choices affect your company’s reputation
  • Be the boss and choose between profits or compassion
  • Trade stocks, fend off rivals, and even market yourself
  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • Appealing graphics
  • It’s a robotic automation tycoon sim- what more could you want?
  • Will it have enough depth to stand out from the crowd (instead of being a tycoon reskin)?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 12/15/17

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Strategy

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Chasing Carrots

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

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