Murderous Pursuits (Early Access) – Blend, Sneak, Stalk, and Kill the Other Players (without Getting Killed Yourself)

Murderous Pursuits (Early Access) – Blend, Sneak, Stalk, and Kill the Other Players (without Getting Killed Yourself)

Game Review

Murderous Pursuits is a unique Victorian-era multiplayer stealth-em-up game where you need to hunt and kill your target before you get killed yourself- and avoid any witnesses.

It’s a game that involves stealth and strategy into one awesome experience. A man named Mr. X invites you and others to sneak and kill each other on a giant ship.

The game is developed by some of the same people who made The Ship and Thie Ship: Remastered. It’s a stealth game that has you trying to camouflage yourself on a giant ship and take out key targets without being discovered! You’re up against 7 other human players all aboard the HMCS Britannic and your only mission is to kill the others.

You can choose from 8 playable characters. You customize the skin and such so you can blend in with the crowd.

But it’s not that easy. You need to act like a regular passenger and avoid revealing yourself.

Pick a target. Find them. And kill them.

While being a target at the same time.

That’s right. The game has you sneaking around the ship looking for your targets. But as you watch and stalk your target, someone could very well be watching you as well. You need to blend in with the NPC passengers on the ship, the environment, and sometimes the other players in order to not get discovered and killed first! It’s a concept that’s only been done a few times, but it’s usually not done with this level of detail.

The game allows you to use the entire ship to your advantage. You’re free to walk anywhere on the ship and utilize everything you can to not be the odd man out. You need to do your best to blend in with the rest of the sheep or risk getting killed. The ship hides a lot of loot you can use as well. You’ll need everything you can because you don’t know how skilled the other players are and what they’re thinking. The game has four different locations on the colonial ship, such as a Music Hall or Engine House.

It’s like a mental game of chess on a boat with special abilities, a hitlist, and lots of lethal assassins.

You need to stay undercover until you’re sure you can kill your target without getting killed yourself. It’s all about watching, stalking, and thinking like a hawk/fox hybrid! You need to use a blend of strategy and stealth in order to successfully take out your chosen killers. Running and gunning probably won’t work.

Murderous Pursuits also gives you some skills and abilities to aid you in the process. There are a total of five, but you can only use two per match. You can disguise yourself to pose as just another NPC. You can also counter and flash the other players to escape or trick them.

The game features both solo offline play or online play with 8 players. You can customize the game options and even add bots if needed. Murderous Pursuits is a very interesting game that looks like a blast to play. You can sign up for the beta using the link below to get into the arena first for a “killer” time!

It’ll make you paranoid.


  • Stalk, walk, and hunt your prey on a huge colonial ship
  • Victorian-era theme and detail
  • Use stealth and strategy to outplay other players
  • Playable solo with bots or up to 8 players online
  • Use 5 different abilities
  • Choose from 8 unique killers
  • Blend in with the crowd, stalk your target, and strike quickly- without getting caught
  • Looks like a very interesting game
  • Would be awesome to have more players per map
  • Would player movement and walk animations be an easy giveaway?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Strategy

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Blazing Griffin

Developer page: Go


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