Navisy: Creatures of the Deep (Complete) – Explore the Ocean in Search of a Legendary Creature

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Navisy: Creatures of the Deep is a beautiful game that has you exploring the high seas in search of a legendary creature.

I spotted this indie title trending on, so I tried it out and really enjoyed it.

You basically control a small vessel on the deep seas and you’re looking for some mythical monster that lurks in the deep. This instantly reminds me of the Lochness (obviously), and it’s pretty cool to search for it in a videogame.

As you venture out, you’ll find these lit beacon/lighthouse kind of structures that you collect. I’m not sure what they do, but it seems like the more you collect, the more difficult the game gets.

Yes, it can get difficult.

Instead of just venturing around at sea lost with no direction other than beacons, you’ll have to ward off creatures that only aim to destroy your ship! You’re equipped with a harpoon gun though, so you’ll have to use this to fend them off. The game starts out very easy to accustom you to the controls and gameplay but picks up in difficulty quickly as you get more beacons. The monsters will attack your boat and even follow you around if you don’t take them down.

You also have a small searchlight you can use to look for beacons and scan the ocean. Use this in conjunction with your harpoon gun to look for the beacons, collect them, and shoot down angry sea monsters from sending you to swim with the fish! You also have a shockwave ability as well, but I kept forgetting to use it. And you have a flare as well.

Eventually, you just may find the legendary sea monster you’ve been looking for. Without spoiling the game, you’ll have to find out yourself.

It’s a gorgeous ocean game that focuses on exploration on the seas. It’s simple to play and features some nice artwork. The UI is also themed like you’re actually sailing the seas. You have a compass, some meters, and some other instruments to guide your boat.

If you’re afraid of ocean monsters, try this game. It’s pretty freaky seeing the little sea monsters attack you. Personally, I hate ocean games. But I had to try this out because it’s not *that* ocean, and it turned out to be an awesome little indie adventure.

Navisy: Creatures of the Deep is free to play and you can try it out using the link below. It’s an indie game worth playing if you want to try out something unique.

  • Explore the vast ocean
  • Look for beacons and use your compass to sail the seas
  • Take down monsters with your harpoon gun
  • Use your searchlight to hunt
  • Find the lengedary sea monster
  • Even with many monsters and beacons taken down, it’s easy to get impatient
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 3/19/18

Platforms: Windows, HTML5

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Avokadomos

Developer page: Go


(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

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