Brutal MooD (Early Access) – A Fresh New Take on the Classic 90s FPS with Plenty of Violence, Gore, and Action!

Brutal MooD (Early Access) – A Fresh New Take on the Classic 90s FPS with Plenty of Violence, Gore, and Action!

Game Review

Brutal MooD is a top-down fast-paced shooter with plenty of gore, violence, and non-stop action.

When you play this game, you’ll instantly be reminded of Doom (as obvious as it is) with a new perspective (literally). You blast your way through the gorgeous levels with plenty of action using a line-of-sight target system. The top-down perspective and targeting mechanic limits your vision more than you’d think.

You can only see what your character sees and there are plenty of dark areas with fog of war that can only be uncovered by exploring it. You never know what possessed being just may jump out at you when you navigate into a new room.

The game takes the popular Doom mod, Brutal Doom, and puts a new spin on it. You’ll be using classic, familiar weapons like power-packed shotguns, Plasmagun, grenade launcher, and of course, the bullet hell minigun. The full game should feature plenty more weapons to go around.

The action is clearly there, with plenty of baddy-blasting fun around every corner with lots of flashy sprites and gore splatters. It’s very satisfying to just rip all the enemies to shreds and look at the mess you’ve made after you’re done with a room. Even better is using the barrels and other objects in the environment to your advantage.

You’ll also see familiar enemies as well that you’ll instantly recognize. Even though this game isn’t officially created by the original developers, it gives you the same trigger-happy feeling. Almost everything in Brutal MooD can some way be tied back to the original game. The 90s look, the classic weapons, the ugly enemies, and the dark atmosphere all will have you feeling that nostalgia of classic shooters.

You get plenty of violence, difficult levels, tons of gore, basic puzzles, and an amped up soundtrack all coming at you with a full-fisted punch. You’re in for a good time.

In this demo you can play through two separate levels. It’s definitely worth playing if you’re a Doom fan (who isn’t?) for some non-stop Rambo-style run-and-gun action! Try out Brutal MooD!

  • Tons of gore
  • Pays homage to the classic
  • Plenty of familiar weapons and enemies
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Line-of-sight vision
  • Top-down perspective
  • Nonstop action
  • Some enemies will get cheap shots at you that are basically unavoidable
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Action

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Quad Damage Games

Developer page: Go


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