Pantropy (Alpha) – An FPS with RPG Elements with Huge 64 Player Maps on an Alien World

Pantropy (Alpha) – An FPS with RPG Elements with Huge 64 Player Maps on an Alien World


Game Description

Pantropy is an FPS game that focuses on huge, multiplayer online battlers that pit you against up to 64 other players.

It’s a massively multiplayer game where you need to scavenge for resources. The game puts you in a survival theme with RPG elements. It’s not the first game to take on such a feat, but it’s one of the first to do so on a huge scale.

Pantropy takes place on a futuristic alien planet. You can collect resources, build shelters, and craft mechs, weapons, gear, bases, robots, and a lot more. It’s not just crafting like any other game- the crafting system is complex and deep. You’ll need a guide to memorize everything.

The environment is also living and breathing. It features a living ecosystem that can directly influence your gameplay.

The core of Pantropy is the ability to play against up to 64 other players in a 64 square kilometer map that’s built to scale. That’s huge. The developers also have stated that they plan to expand the size to even larger maps. How much bigger could you want your gameplay environment to be? There is no limit, in my opinion.

You’ll have the ability to form factions with other players because strength comes in numbers. You’ll have a very difficult time not getting slaughtered by an assault rifle without having some teammates back you up. This is the case for a lot of survival games. Team up or get killed. If you like to play solo, perhaps the game will offer a single player mode or a PvE mode.

Working together with your faction and building up fortified bases, automated robots, and crafting the superior weapons is all part of the fun. You’ll need to outwit, outplay, or outnumber rival factions and even the native environmental enemies to prosper.

Your character has a set of skills and a level. You earn experience through playing the game and progressing.

That’s where the RPG elements come in. The character customization is pretty involved and it plays like a basic version of any generic RPG with a few awesome features. I expect that this will only be improved in future releases of the game to set it apart from other similar games. You can learn some special skills that will specialize your character to a specific role. This allows for organized factions and also replayability if you want to try out different builds.

Pantropy is an awesome game that’s definitely worth checking out. If you like survival and FPS games, this one’s a must-try. Use the link below to sign up.

  • Unique game concept
  • Level-based RPG elements mixed with FPS
  • Huge 64 player maps
  • 64 square kilometers of land to explore
  • Gather, craft, and improve your base, weapons, and robots
  • Balancing between FPS and RPG is difficult
  • Lots of competing games
  • Online communities in these games are usually horrible
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Game Information

Status: Alpha (In Development)

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: FPS

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Brian Stone

Developer page: Go


pantropy-mech thirdperson

pantropy-pantropy-demo meet



pantropy-artillerymech 2b

(Via developer page.)

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