Post World (Alpha) – A Post-Apocalyptic Game with Shield-Based Combat and Factions in a War-Torn Russian Landscape

Post World (Alpha) – A Post-Apocalyptic Game with Shield-Based Combat and Factions in a War-Torn Russian Landscape


Game Description

Post World is a survival game that puts you in the shoes of a victim of some screwed up experiments.

It’s a survival game that looks very similar to Rust at first glance. The game takes place in post-apocalyptic Russia.

As of now, Post World is still in early development. From the footage available, it looks like a realistic survival game with some very nice graphics. The feature list is also pretty jaw-dropping.

The game is planned to have a procedural level generation, which means the Russian landscape will always be unique. There will also be quests available, so it’s sort of like an RPG as well. But at the core of the game, it’s a survival game where you need to defeat the other factions.

You also get to level up and unlock skills that change the gameplay style.

Post World also has a unique combat mechanic involving the heavy usage of shields and guns simultaneously. There are also melee equips as well. The enemies in the game are unique. They cooperate differently depending on the faction’s culture and resources available

The inventory system is also pretty unique- during combat, you can only use you’re carrying in your hands, on your back, or in your vest. You can also rearrange the items in your inventory to make space, sort of like the trend a lot of these games are using nowadays.

Post World will also have a crafting system as well.

There are four factions in the game, namely the Cultists, Slavers, Railwaymen, and Military. You choose one to join and you need to attack the others. Or defend against enemy factions. It’s the main divide between the players. Choose one and roll with it.

As of now, the game is very primitive in development but does have a tech demo available for viewing. You can sign up for alpha testing by using the link below.

Although there are now a lot of games in this genre, Post World does look promising and has some unique things going for it. It’s worth checking out.

  • A faction-divided take on the survival genre
  • Advanced inventory system
  • Build and craft from resources
  • Unique pseudo inventory
  • Shield and gun simulataneous wielding
  • Is the dual-wielding just a gimmick?
  • Will the game be unique enough to stand out from the competition?
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Game Information

Status: Alpha (In Development)

Published: –

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: FPS

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Post World Game

Developer page: Go



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Gameplay Video

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