FetchQuest Rally (Complete) – A Funny Indie Fetch Quest Sim with Plenty of Vulgarity and Narration

FetchQuest Rally (Complete) – A Funny Indie Fetch Quest Sim with Plenty of Vulgarity and Narration

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FetchQuest Rally is a funny little indie adventure game where you play as a gnome in a race. Yup.

It’s a fast-paced action adventure game that plays like a novel. You play as a rude gnome named Bucket. You’re inside a rally car during a race and the driver needs your help to assist him with the race. You listen to his needs and go on a series of tasks in which you need to find specific items for him. In other words, you’re doing fetch quests (as the name implies!).

You need to do them and complete them as fast as possible or else he’ll slow down and you’ll both lose the race! Fetch the items and return them to him ASAP. You’ll be helping him with everything from maps because he doesn’t know the course to energy drinks to some pretty surprising things you wouldn’t expect.

Both of you are angry, unmannered, and upset. But you need t work together to win the race! The assortment of fetch quests and dialog is the fun part of the game. You’ll laugh in this little fetch quest adventure. It’s Complete random unexpected.

The artwork is nice and colorful. The voice overs are hilarious. And the gameplay is entertaining.

You should also, if you’re sensitive to it, know there’s some mild language in this game.

Try out FetchQuest Rally using the link below. It’s one game you don’t want to race on by. No download needed as it runs in the browser!

  • Hilarious dialog
  • Random fetch quests
  • Nice narration
  • You’ll wish it were lengthier
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 4/24/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, HTML5

Engine: –

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: SeaDads

Developer page: Go


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