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Knightin’ (Complete) – A Retro Dungeon Crawler like Old-School Zelda with Traps, Puzzles, and QR Codes

Game Review

Knightin’ is an old-school dungeon crawler that’s clearly inspired by old-school Zelda.

If you grew up with the legendary classics like the original Zelda and A Link to the Past, you’ll definitely want to check out this sweet indie game.

Even if you’ve never played them, you’ll probably easily get into the basic top-down up/down/left/right gameplay style.

Knightin’ takes the traditional storyline blown up with the princess in distress, evil upon the world, chaos reigns- and just throws it all out the window. It’s like Zelda without the storyline and just the dungeons (not that Zelda games have bad storylines, but this game focuses on just the core gameplay. You’re a knight and you’re looking for fame and loot. That’s it. Who needs a princess, right?

Knightin’ has you playing through a pretty complex dungeon. It’s filled with locked doors, puzzles, blocks, and more. It also has an assortment of enemies like slimes, bats, and cyclops as well (sound familiar yet?) There are also a few traps as well. You need to watch out for spikes, flames, and projectiles that pose a threat to any adventurer.

Get keys. Unlock chests. Go through doors. The gameplay premise is simple. But the enemies, traps, and puzzles are what make it fun.

It really brings back the nostalgia of the old-school Zelda dungeons. You’ll feel like you’re playing a modded HD remake of a single dungeon or something.

It’s a rogue-like game with a nice, relaxed style and an awesome soundtrack. You’ll have to wander around and solve a few puzzles as well. One thing that’s pretty awesome about Knightin’ is that you have to look for hints on the floor in the form of small square holes. But if you look at the whole picture, you’ll notice that there are QR codes embedded into the game. You can literally whip out your smartphone to get these codes for dungeon hints!

The game also has a shop inside the dungeon as well. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if that was in Zelda? You can buy a few items and one item is necessary in order to beat the game (without spoiling it).

The artwork is also gorgeous. The game has pixelated retro artwork with 16-bit graphics (or at least it appears so). It’s colorful and very appealing to the eyes. The UI also features your HP bar, items, inventory, key count, and coin count. You also get a small minimap as well.

Overall, if you like retro dungeon crawlers like Zelda, try out Knightin’. It’s a take on the classics and it’ll have you feeling nostalgic for sure. It’s a fun, entertaining, little indie adventure that pays homage to a time when games were much simpler.

It also runs straight in your browser and is completely free to play.

  • Awesome pixel art
  • Nostalgic of the legendary old-school Zelda games
  • Find loot, keys, and chests in a single dungeon
  • Puzzles galore
  • Get clues and even scan QR codes with your phone
  • Variety of enemies
  • Shop in the dungeon
  • Music gets a bit repetitive
  • A few bugs
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Game Information

Status: Complete

Published: 1/28/18

Platforms: Windows, macOS, HTML5, Linux

Engine: Contstruct 2

Genre: Adventure

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Wolod

Developer page: Go



(Via Developer/Game Page)

Gameplay Video

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7 months ago

too complicated and hard to move because of glitches