Do You Copy? (Complete) – A Suspenseful Horror Indie Game Where You Need to Guide a Lost Hiker to You

Do You Copy? (Complete) – A Suspenseful Horror Indie Game Where You Need to Guide a Lost Hiker to You

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Do You Copy? is a scary little horror game that takes place in a dense forest- at night.

You’re a park ranger. You’d think you’d know everything about your own forest, but there’s a lot more to it than you thought. That’s because you’re new and you just got the job- probably with no training. You work in a tall watchtower that’s built right in the densest area of the forest. You can see nearly everything from here- the forest, the lake, and even some light amongst the trees.

You notice that the neighboring partner that works in the watchtower next to you has ended their shift, but then a call comes into your radio. It’s a lost hiker who needs your help to guide this person to your tower for the night.

You’re scared. You’re distressed. You don’t know where this person may be. And there’s more than just some wildlife that you look out for.

In the tower, you can do a few different actions like using your map in order to guide the hiker towards your tower. You can see their flashlight in the trees, so you know their position. You can also use your floodlight as well. Both of these tools are required in order to help the hiker other than the radio.

But you quickly notice that there’s also another entity out there besides the hiker. You hear strange noises on the radio. You see some article clippings all over your board in the tower. And you also hear some echoing amongst the trees in the forest. What could it be?

Without spoiling the ending, you’re in for a suspensful ride. Do You Copy is a game complete with voice acting and a lot of build-up. While the game is pretty polished, the ending could use some work. That’s probably the only issue with it. Perhaps a future update will make it more “satisfyingly scary.”

If you’re looking for a unique twist on the horror and suspense genre, Do You Copy? is a game y ou don’t want to miss out on. The graphics, sound, and concept are all well-done and the twist is unique.

  • Unique twist on the horror concept
  • Super suspensful
  • Voice acting
  • Superb visuals and sound
  • Dark and atmospheric
  • Psychological horror
  • Ending could use some work
  • Branching paths would be awesome
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