Apocryph (Early Access) – An Old-School Action-Packed Fps with Spells, Magic, and Swords

Apocryph (Early Access) – An Old-School Action-Packed Fps with Spells, Magic, and Swords

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Apocryph is an old-school FPS that brings back memories of the legendary classics like Quake and DOOM!

When you first dive in tot he game, you’ll notice the layout, graphics, and UI is just like the FPS games of the 90s (if you were into them). You know you’re in for some mindless, action-packed, Rambo-style run and gun gameplay that’ll just hit the sweet spot over and over- and then blow it up into pixelated gore!

Apocryph is set in a dark, fantasy world with swords, wizards, and sorcery in forbidden castles that have been lost with time. You’ll have to navigate through bitter hallways, castle gates, and old shrines and dungeons while battling tons of monsters, wizards, and other dangers that just may give you a scare.

The world is grim. The monsters and violent. The traps are plentiful. The game has a very dark atmosphere and it does an excellent job of immersing you in its forgotten world. Not only will you have to battle down monsters using your assortment of weapons, spells, staffs, and artifacts, but you’ll also have to avoid traps, find keys, and navigate a winding maze-like environment full of danger!

You control the Arbiter. You’ve been exiled and now you’re returning back to the magical fortress you’ve once called home. You’re here to find answers. And clean up the mess.

It’s just you and your equips to make it through some tough levels. The game also has level hubs as well. Each level has tons of monsters and traps as well as secrets for you to discover.

Apocryph is like DOOM in medieval times. It’s crazy.

You’ll get access to 9 different weapons each with alt fire. Staffs, melee weapons, spells, and artifacts are all yours for the taking. You can also use items like HP pots and mana vials to restore your stats. There’s also combat items as well that can quickly dish out damage when you’re in a tough situation. You have no one else that can save you, so you need to use everything wisely.

Some weapons and items also have special effects as well. You can stun, freeze, and even get bonus features from weapons. You can even deal AoE damage when you’re getting mobbed in a corner.

you can also find some relics in the game that offer you some very nice bonuses. One of the best is the Obliterator Mask which basically makes you invulnerable and gives you powerful melee fists to deal damaging shockwaves that travel across the walls and floor. This is probably the most destructive relic int he game and you’ll feel unstoppable when using it. It’s extremely satisfying.

The best part about Aocrpyh is the gore. It has a lot of gore. You can tear off limbs, heads, and torsos right off the enemy. You can also completely obliterate enemies into pieces and thin vapor. Some body parts also stick to the environment like the walls and floors after you’ve done your work. Again, it’s akin to DOOM.

The game is still in early access, so it’s not that long. Plans for future updates include items, biomes, and extra rooms to fill up the game. Additional game modes, perks, and plots are planned as well.

If you like old-school action-packed FPS, try out Apocryph.


  • Old-school nonstop action FPS
  • Akin to DOOM and Quake
  • Use spells, staffs, melee, and weapons with alternate fire modes
  • Powerful special items with devastating offensive and defensive abilities
  • Handcrafted levels
  • Dodge traps, slay monsters, and find secrets
  • Find and use powerful relics that can literally break the game
  • Gore system that’s just too fun to mess around with
  • Combines sword and magic with DOOM
  • Game is way too short in this current build- you’ll want more
  • Some parts are too easy
  • Branching paths would be awesome
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 12/8/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Shooter

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Bigzur

Developer page: Go


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