Super CLASH Bros (Early Access) – It’s SSB If It Kept All Characters True to Their Original Games

super clash bros game

Super CLASH Bros is an SSB fan-made game that answers the age-old question: “what would happen if we took the characters from SSB and kept them accurate to their original games?” It’s a game that pits Nintendo and Sega characters against each other with original controls, HP bars, and abilities across several levels with seven different characters to choose from.

ICONS: Combat Arena (Beta)

A new challenger approachers… ICONS: Combat Arena is like Super Smash Bros. in another world. It’s a fast-paced fighter that plays very similar to SSB. Fight with special abilities. Dodget attacks. Knock your opponent off the stage to win. You know the rules. The game is being created by a group of developers who’ve worked … Read moreICONS: Combat Arena (Beta)