Radical Heights (Early Access) – An 80s Last Man Standing Game with BMX Bikes, Arcades, and Pumped-Up Kicks

Radical Heights (Early Access) – An 80s Last Man Standing Game with BMX Bikes, Arcades, and Pumped-Up Kicks

Game Review

Radical Heights is another battle royale free-to-play survival game that’s probably the trippiest one I’ve seen in ages.

Since the genre just took off, I’ve seen dozens of clones. Lots of them are blatant ripoffs of the top games (Fornite and PUBG), but others are decent and try something unique and different.

Radical Heights is one of those games. I can guarantee that you’ve never seen a last man standing game like this before. The game is developed by Cliff Bleszinski, who you may have heard of before. No? Well, he was involved in popular titles like LawBreakers (which has recently been shut down) and Gears of War. How’s that?

LawBreakers couldn’t find a proper audience to keep the game going, so Boss Key Productions shut it down. I’m not sure why they couldn’t get traction. It was a unique game with a nice twist on the genre. Or probably they just didn’t have the promotional power from companies like Bluehole and Epic Games to make their games go viral. Who knows.

Their new project is Radical Heights. It’s a survival game with 80s-themed art. You wield giant guns, shoot other players, and ride BMX bikes that can do some radical tricks. Yup. BMX bikes. And tricks. You just want to be rich and famous by killing everyone else.

The game also has an in-game currency system (AKA: your wallet) that lets you purchase stuff to upgrade your gear and equipment from vending machines and other systems during the match. Instead of looting stuff for free, you need to earn it by using cash.

As for the gameplay style, Radical Heights starts off like its competitors with you riding in the air and gliding to a safe location (or not) and then starting your loot frenzy. You can loot weapons, equips, and currency to buy stuff. This isn’t anything special.

The best part about the game is the artwork. You’ll feel like you’re stuck in the disco era with lots of contrasting colors, dudes with band tour shirts, guys with long greasy hair, trampolines, gadgets, cosmetics, and BMX bikes with pink/blue tye-dye skins and pegs. It’s totally radical. The area you play in is an urban city complete with houses, arcades, restaurants, parks, lakes, mountains, shops, and the outdoors.

The game is literally crazy. There are some very weird things you’ll see all over the map that you’d never expect. There are dynamic “game show” events that can change the outcome of the game in seconds.

Besides the artwork, currency, and bikes, it also has a unique way to filter people into one location. Instead of a circle that gets smaller with time, the game has a grid system that turns off specific squares in a pattern and systemic way. This is pretty awesome and offers players a different way to take each other down.

You can try out Radical Heights on Steam using the link below. It’s still in early dev so expect bugs and glitches here and there. But you can see from the foundation of it that it’s a game that’s not just any other survival game. This one can soar to some radical heights!

  • Nice 80s artwork
  • Big guns, trampolines, and BMX bikes
  • In-game currency system that can be used per match
  • Grid system to restrict players
  • Totally rad concept
  • Not just another crappy survival clone
  • Will it be enough to stand out from the competition?
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Game Information

Status: Early Access

Published: 4/10/18

Platforms: Windows

Engine: –

Genre: Survival

Languages: English

Inputs: Keyboard, Mouse

Developer Information

Developer: Boss Key Productions

Developer page: Go


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