Sky Knights (Alpha)

Sky Knights is a dogfighting game with a top-down perspective. You choose which aircraft you want to take flight in. These crafts are fully customizable to your liking. After you build it, you go ahead and take on the skies. It’s time to dogfight. You need to destroy the enemy base and defend your own. … Read moreSky Knights (Alpha)

Insatiable (Alpha)

  Insatiable is a third-person shooter with a bullet hell design and combat system. You have a top-down view and you make your way through different levels to try and end a war between humans and aliens. You’re in control. It’s all up to you. The gameplay of Insatiable is a combination of both third-person … Read moreInsatiable (Alpha)

Stellar Codex (Alpha)

Get Stellar Codex.

Similar to NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings, Stellar Codex is another game that’s very similar to Star Fox. It’s a 2D/3D shooter with an arcade touch- mixed with on-rails combat. It’s like Star Fox in many ways. You could see Stellar Codex as a very inspired¬†game by Star Fox, but then again, there are no annoying squadmates … Read moreStellar Codex (Alpha)