Delusion Gallery (Complete) – An Impressionist Indie Horror Visual Novel with Tons of Branching Paths and a Unique Experience Every Time

delusion gallery game

Delusion Gallery is an indie horror visual novel that has you exploring an art museum with faceless exhibits. You need answers from two curators who don’t know each other. The game has tons of branching paths with 20,000 words and 9 endings. It has tons of replayability.

Last Epoch (Early Access) – A Modern High-Quality Action RPG with Stunning Graphics and Old-School RPG Mechanics

last epoch game

Last Epoch is a visually-stunning new action MMORPG that combines old-school RPG mechanics with modern design and visuals. It features tons of randomized loot, deep character customization, and even randomly-generated dungeons with over 10 classes with fleshed-out skill trees and varyinig combat styles. You can even time travel in this game.

Super CLASH Bros (Early Access) – It’s SSB If It Kept All Characters True to Their Original Games

super clash bros game

Super CLASH Bros is an SSB fan-made game that answers the age-old question: “what would happen if we took the characters from SSB and kept them accurate to their original games?” It’s a game that pits Nintendo and Sega characters against each other with original controls, HP bars, and abilities across several levels with seven different characters to choose from.

Living Nightmares (Early Access) – Indie Horror on Steroids with Jumpscares, Monsters, and a Two-Faced Doll

living nightmares game

Living Nightmares is an indie horror game on steroids. The game has you playing through seven different nightmares that are intertwined with each other and collecting seven coins to escape a huge mansion. The game features superb audio and visuals with tense moments and plenty of jumpscares to go around. And there’s a two-faced doll.

Smintheus (Early Access) – A Unique Top-Down Puzzle Adventure with Crafting and Survival RPG Elements

Smintheus is a free indie puzzle adventure game.

Smintheus is a top-down indie puzzle adventure game with amazing artwork, simple puzzles, cute NPCs, and a 1980s OSt. It’s a game that’ll remind you of the old-school classics from the Game Boy era. It features exploration, crafting, and survival elements all into one RPG/adventure hybrid.

Make Sail (Early Access) – Build Any Kind of Ship You Can Imagine and Explore the (Gorgeous) High Seas

make sail game

Make Sail is an indie exploration game where you can craft any ship you can imagine and set sail for the seas! Explore a procedurally-generated stunning world and get on foot to explore remote islands. Get new pieces, upgrade your ship, and explore farther islands. It’s probably the most rewarding exploration ocean sim I’ve ever seen.