ICONS: Combat Arena (Beta)

A new challenger approachers… ICONS: Combat Arena is like Super Smash Bros. in another world. It’s a fast-paced fighter that plays very similar to SSB. Fight with special abilities. Dodget attacks. Knock your opponent off the stage to win. You know the rules. The game is being created by a group of developers who’ve worked … Read moreICONS: Combat Arena (Beta)

B.C.E (Beta)

B.C.E (yes, it’s spelled like that) is a physics-based multiplayer combat game. It incorporates a top-down view and you basically attack other players in a physics sandbox that feels like you’re playing QWOP. The funny part about B.C.E is that you’re a caveman and you can only use weapons in the stone age…like rocks. So … Read moreB.C.E (Beta)

Loop (Complete)

Loop is an action-based, fast-paced game built for the CGA Jam. You play a yellow-orange circle in a looping level that changes slightly each loop. The goal is to just get the best score possible. You’re falling downwards like as if gravity were on steroids and you need to dodge platforms, enemies, spikes, gems, and … Read moreLoop (Complete)


Greetings is a cinematic experiencing featuring the Unreal 4 Engine. It’s a first-person atmospheric walk trhough the insides of a spaceship. It’s a quick game (if you can call it that) so be prepared to look for your next game. You can finish it it under 5 minutes even if you look around and explore. … Read moreGreetings