PWND (Alpha)

PWND is an FPS online multiplayer arena shooter. It’s a fast-paced game with lots of characters to choose from, sort of like Overwatch. Each character has its own special abilities and weapons. The objective of the game is to earn points just by killing other enemies players. After that, you need to T-Bag them. Yes, that’s … Read morePWND (Alpha)

Tiny Planet Defense (Prototype)

Play Tiny Planet Defense.

Tiny Planet Defense is a defense game where you can just play it away for cheap thrills. It’s a 2D pixel shooter where your job is to defend your tiny home planet. You’re in charge of the weapons that have been properly equipped around your planet’s orbit. You need to defend it against the waves … Read moreTiny Planet Defense (Prototype)

NHL 18 (Xbox One) (PS4) (Beta)

Hockey fans rejoice. NHL 18 is here with some awesome new features. EA’s yearly hockey game this time around comes with some new features and gameplay tweaks. There’s a new Creative Attack control scheme, improved AI, team creation, a Defensive Skill Stick, and a new 3-on-3 arcade mode. The two that are brand-new features are … Read moreNHL 18 (Xbox One) (PS4) (Beta)

SOS: The Ultimate Escape (Alpha)

If you like Battle Royale games, you’ll probably like SOS: The Ultimate Escape. It’s a twist on the popular genre where you’re on an island with other players and you need to make it out alive. There are 16 people on the island that need to duke it out to escape. You must outsmart and … Read moreSOS: The Ultimate Escape (Alpha)

The Alpinist (Beta)

The Alpinist is an immersive game. You scale a huge mountain and explore caves, cliffs, and other nature scenes. It’s almost like a nature walk simulator. You play as a woman who decided to climb a mountain with all the equipment you need to scale it. You have flares for dark areas, you have grappling … Read moreThe Alpinist (Beta)

Insatiable (Alpha)

  Insatiable is a third-person shooter with a bullet hell design and combat system. You have a top-down view and you make your way through different levels to try and end a war between humans and aliens. You’re in control. It’s all up to you. The gameplay of Insatiable is a combination of both third-person … Read moreInsatiable (Alpha)

Queen of the Versparians

Queen of the Versparians is a point and click indie game where you take on the role of an alien bear looking for honey. Yup, you read that right. Does it get any more random with today’s games? It seems like this is the trend for today’s games, anyway. I doubt that’s going to change. … Read moreQueen of the Versparians

America’s Army: Proving Grounds (Beta Sign Up) (PS4)

America’s Army: Proving Grounds is coming out for beta sign up for PS4. It’s an FPS based on tactics and small squads where you must depend on each other to succeed. The America’s Army series is well-known on PC, but now is expanding to consoles. It’s not a run-and-gun shooter like the Call of Duty … Read moreAmerica’s Army: Proving Grounds (Beta Sign Up) (PS4)

The Temple of ADVENTURE (Early Access)

Temple of ADVENTURE review.

The Temple of ADVENTURE is a parody of the Stanely Parable. It’s basically a game where the witty narrator will lead you into thinking you’re about to experience the best game ever made. With lines stating that Temple of ADVENTURE will be full of danger, treasure, adventure, Unreal 4 graphics, and an epic journey to … Read moreThe Temple of ADVENTURE (Early Access)

Stellar Codex (Alpha)

Get Stellar Codex.

Similar to NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings, Stellar Codex is another game that’s very similar to Star Fox. It’s a 2D/3D shooter with an arcade touch- mixed with on-rails combat. It’s like Star Fox in many ways. You could see Stellar Codex as a very inspired game by Star Fox, but then again, there are no annoying squadmates … Read moreStellar Codex (Alpha)

Goat of Duty (Alpha)

Download Goat of Duty.

Goat of Duty is like Goat Simulator on steroids. It’s a fun, entertaining game perfect for a Let’s Play or a cheap thrill.Guns ‘n’ Stallions is a quick game with retro graphics. The menus, transitions, and music are all awesome and very well done. Think of Goat Simulator mixed with Quake. Enter Goat of Duty.Guns … Read moreGoat of Duty (Alpha)

Guns ‘n’ Stallions (Pre-Alpha)

Guns 'n' Stallions is an 8-bit arcade indie game.

Catch the train. Kill the bad guys. Grab the cash! Guns ‘n’ Stallions is a quick game with retro graphics. The menus, transitions, and music are all awesome and very well done. There’s a train robbery in place and you need to board a train and shoot down baddies and take the money back. It’s … Read moreGuns ‘n’ Stallions (Pre-Alpha)

NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings (Early Access)

Remmber Star Fox? Who doesn’t. NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings offers you a gaming experience that’ll have you drowning in nostalgia. Think Star Fox with updated graphics, a ton more enemies, and twitch reflexes. Enter NIGHTSTAR. You’ll need quick thinking to play this game. Rouge Wings offers an awesome spaceship combat simulator combined with resources management and … Read moreNIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings (Early Access)

Stuck in a Pig (Early Access)

Okay, so this is one of those games that are too cute to resist playing. Stuck in a Pig is a cute, childish, and charming game where you play the role of a tiny pig on a farm. You’re a pig on the outside, but you’re a bull on the inside. You feel like you … Read moreStuck in a Pig (Early Access)

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Beta)

Beta key Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

If you’ve been waiting for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, it’s now available in open beta. You can now download it and into in an all out war against the Vietnamese as the US armed forces or vice versa. Rising Storm 2 was in closed beta until recently, so now it’s available for download. If you’ve … Read moreRising Storm 2: Vietnam (Beta)