Delusion Gallery (Complete) – An Impressionist Indie Horror Visual Novel with Tons of Branching Paths and a Unique Experience Every Time

delusion gallery game

Delusion Gallery is an indie horror visual novel that has you exploring an art museum with faceless exhibits. You need answers from two curators who don’t know each other. The game has tons of branching paths with 20,000 words and 9 endings. It has tons of replayability.

Living Nightmares (Early Access) – Indie Horror on Steroids with Jumpscares, Monsters, and a Two-Faced Doll

living nightmares game

Living Nightmares is an indie horror game on steroids. The game has you playing through seven different nightmares that are intertwined with each other and collecting seven coins to escape a huge mansion. The game features superb audio and visuals with tense moments and plenty of jumpscares to go around. And there’s a two-faced doll.

Project Abel (Early Access) – An Atmospheric Indie Horror Game Based on Old-School Resident Evil and Silent Hill Games

project abel game

Project Abel is a pixel art survival horror game with a pretty immersive and atmospheric experience. The game plays very similar to old-school legends like Resident Evil and Silent Hill back in the day. It’s a puzzle-solving, zombie-shooting, adventure through an abandoned school.

3AM at the Krusty Krab (Complete) – Explore the Krusty Krab (at night) and Escape The Hash Slinging Slasher

3am at the krusty krab

3AM at the Krusty Krab is a quirky little indie horror game that’s based on a SpongeBob SquarePants episode- The Hash Slinging Slasher! You’re Mr. Krabs and you’re armed with a flashlight. You need to lock down the Krusty Krab and escape before you get slashed up. Complete recreation of the entire Krusty Krab!