Yo! Noid Was Ahead of its Time (Complete)

Play the indie platformer Yo! Noid Was Ahead of its Time.

Yo! Noid Was Ahead of its Time is an indie adventure platformer game. You play as the Noid venturing The Void. (Really?) It’s a fan-made sequel that continues the story of the Noid back on the PlayStation. The game plays like Banjo Kazooie in a 3D environment as you traverse colorful landscapes. The game also … Read moreYo! Noid Was Ahead of its Time (Complete)

Hoover (Complete)

Hoover is a platformer indie game where you need to outrun a rising water level by using a vacuum cleaner. If that’s not weird enough, add in some quirky features (like self-propelling) and a lot of difficulties. Then you have yourself a crazy platformer. Your vacuum cleaner is carried by you, a chubby and stubby … Read moreHoover (Complete)

Loop (Complete)

Loop is an action-based, fast-paced game built for the CGA Jam. You play a yellow-orange circle in a looping level that changes slightly each loop. The goal is to just get the best score possible. You’re falling downwards like as if gravity were on steroids and you need to dodge platforms, enemies, spikes, gems, and … Read moreLoop (Complete)

The Alpinist (Beta)

The Alpinist is an immersive game. You scale a huge mountain and explore caves, cliffs, and other nature scenes. It’s almost like a nature walk simulator. You play as a woman who decided to climb a mountain with all the equipment you need to scale it. You have flares for dark areas, you have grappling … Read moreThe Alpinist (Beta)